The ANZSN Council has asked that ANZSN CIN no longer endorse an online Logbook until due process to approve this has been followed.

An online Logbook would be available for use by any Interventional Nephrologist or trainee who wishes to keep a record of their procedure work.

Storage of patient details would not be allowed unless a Logbook was endorsed by and had the protection of a body able to maintain and police a Health Information Security policy which would have ethics approval and include patient consent process and detail the (industry standard) security measures in place.

It could be used as follows:

  • Logbook for procedure documentation to aid employer certification
  • Reporting, audit and research (collated or operator non-identifiable data)

Users who sign up to use the Logbook would have to agree to the Privacy and Confidentiality conditions and consent to storage of their personal information. An option to allow or disallow use of your personal procedure logbook data for research or collated reporting would exist.

Details of what information is stored and your rights and responsibilities would be in the Logbook Privacy Policy. The Logbook website would aim to be GDPR compliant, however it could not be used by interventionists who are based in the EU or countries where full GDPR compliance is a legal requirement. The GDPR is a very large and detailed document and full compliance is not possible especially if confidential patient information is also stored.


Creating a User Account would require accessing the logbook website, and clicking on “Request New User Account”