Interventional Units

This page lists Renal Units in Australasia that undertake interventional work and contact details. If you would like to be included in this list, please use the contact form to provide details of your unit, what procedures and a contact person.

Columns indicate what procedures are undertaken at each unit.
B – Kidney Biopsy
HD – Tunnelled cuffed central venous catheters.
PD – Physician inserted Tenckhoff catheters
F – Fistula angiography/angioplasty.


Unit B HD PD F Contact
Alice Springs NT X X X X Dr Sajiv Cherian
Cairns QLD X X X X Dr Murty Mantha
Darwin NT X X Dr Sajiv Cherian
Middlemore NZ X X X Dr Michael Lam / Dr David Voss
Tamworth NSW X X X X Dr Stephen May
Waikato NZ X X X Dr Eddie Tan / Dr Gerald Waters
Waitemata Hospital NZ X X X Dr Naveed Ahmed